Las plantas endémicas de Chile

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Ribes nubigenum Phil.

Lugar de publicación

Linnaea 28(6): 646 (1858)


  • Philippi R.A. (1858a)

    Philippi, R.A. 1858. Plantarum novarum Chilensium: centuria secunda, tertia. Linnaea 28(heft 6): 661-704, 705-752

  • Garcia (2010b)

    García, N. 2010a. Caracterización de la flora vascular de Altos de Chicauma, Chile (33º S). Gayana. Botánica 67(1): 65-112



Distribución y habitat

Very infrequent in the Coastal Cordillera where it forms part of the mattoral vegetation on slopes with Discaria trinervis and Adesmia resinosa between 200 and 2100 m above sea level.

Características claves para su identificación

Closely related to Ribes cucullatum (and treated in synonym by some authorities) but differs by its leaves being coarsely serrated (rarely trilobed); the flowers can be solitary or borne in axillary clusters, (with long stalk, 2-6 mm) and tubular, forming a chalice with lobes of 2.5 mm long (Garcia, 2010).