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Cistanthe celedoniana J.M. Watson, A.R. Flores & Elvebakk

Cita del ejemplar Tipo

CHILE, Región de Valparaiso: Provincia de Los Andes, N side of Río Aconcagua Valley, 22 km E of Los Andes, ca. 5 km NE of Río Colorado, 32º50'S 70º21'W, 1360 m, 30 Sept. 2012, leg. C. Celedón, F & W 12801 (holotype CONC! isotypes CONC, SGO!).


  • Watson et al. (2020)

    Watson, M W , Elvebakk, A , von Bohlen, C y Flores, A R 2020. Cistanthe celedoniana (Montiaceae), a new species from Valparaiso Region, Chile, with notes on the genus, including a new combination, and an illustrated account of the flora leading up to the type locality in the upper Río Aconcagua Valley. International Rock Gardener 132:3-50



Distribución y habitat

Only known from the Region of Valparaiso from two locations. The first of these is in the Andean foothills beside the Río Colorado, on gently west sloping terrain at 1360 m and ca. 1500 m on the north valleyside of the Río Colorado, and the second is in Parque Nacional La Campana at 965 and 1603 m. These populations occur in Mediterranean esclerophyll shrub land.


Rosette-forming annual, to 15 cm tall. Flowering from September to November.

Características claves para su identificación

This species differs from all other species of Cistanthe by its strongly and regularly swollen leaves, together with the combination of white petals, sepals equal in length to the petals, and seed regularly covered in in transparent hairs.