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Alstroemeria marticorenae Negritto & C.M. Baeza

Lugar de publicación

Syst. Bot. 40(1): 70-72 (2015)

Cita del ejemplar Tipo

CHILE. Valparaíso: Agua Santa Hill at Las Palmas crossroad, south side, 293 m, 33040 S, 71320 W, 11 Dec 2007, C. M. Baeza 4262 (holotipo: CONC; isotipo: SGO).


  • Negritto et al (2015)

    Negritto, M.A. , Baeza, C.M. , Ruiz, E. y Novoa, P. 2015. Alstroemeria marticorenae (Alstroemeriaceae), a New Species from Central Chile. Systematic Botany 40(1): 69–74



Distribución y habitat

A. marticorenae is only known from the Valparaíso Regio, between 70–300 m. It occurs in hard, reddish, and non-calcium soil characterized by a horizon surface that hardens very fast when drying in the spring, and which is susceptible to erosion (Negritto & Baeza, 2015).


Perennial herb from 18 to 35 cm tall.

Características claves para su identificación

A. marticorenae can be easily distinguished from A. angustifolia subsp. angustifolia, A. hookeri subsp. cummingiana, and A. hookeri subsp. recumbens by its pink flowers which have a conspicuous, yellow stripe and a spotted pattern of purple lines in the two upper inner tepals (Negritto & Baeza, 2015).