The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Tropaeolum ciliatum Ruiz & Pav. subsp. ciliatum

Place of Publication

Fl. Peruv. [Ruiz & Pavon] 3: 77 (1802)

Type citation

Chile, Bíobío Region, Concepción, Talcahuano. Dombey s.n. (lectotype (designated by Sparre & Andersson (1991)p. 24: P; isotype: M)



  • Ruiz & Pavon (1802)

    Ruiz, H. and Pavón, J.A. 1802. Flora peruviana, et chilensis prodromus, sive descriptiones, et icones plantarum peruvianarum, et chilensium, secundum systema Linnaeanum digesta, vol. 3. Romae: Paleariniano

  • Sparre & Andersson (1991)

    Sparre, B. and Andersson, L. 1991. A taxonomic revision of the Tropaeolaceae, Opera Botanica 108:1-139

  • Gardner et al. (2015)

    Gardner, M.F. , Hechenleitner V., P. and Hepp C., J. 2015. Plants from the woods and forests of Chile. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh. 202 pp.

  • Watson & Flores (2010c)

    Watson, J.M. and Flores, A.R. 2010c. A synopsis of perennial tuberous Tropaeolum L. Section Chilensia Sparre (Tropaeoleaceae), including validation of three subsections and a new, reclassified natural hybrid. Herbertia 64: 150-281


Maule, Biobío and Araucanía

Distribution and habitat

Foothills of the Andes in southern central Chile, covering an area approximately 300 km from Concepción and Temuco (Watson & Flores, 2010). Widespread in xerophytic woodland but favouring clearings which allows it to cover marginal wooded areas. From 400-1000 m above sea level.


  • Sparre & Andersson (1991)


Vigorous woody climber to 7 m tall. Flowering from October to February.

Key characteristics

Compared with T. ciliatum ssp. septentrionale which has a more northern distribution ssp. cilitaum has a shorter and more slender spur to its flower corolla.