The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Tropaeolum brachyceras Hook. & Arn.

Place of Publication

Bot. Beechey Voy. 1: 14 (1830)

Type citation

Chile, Valparaíso Region, Valparaíso, Bridges, s.n. (lectotype: K, isotype: LE).



  • Hooker & Arnott (1830)

    Hooker, W.J. and Arnott, G.A.W. 1830. The botany of Captain Beechey's voyage; comprising an account of the plants collected by Messrs Lay and Collie, and other officers on the expedition, during the voyage to the Pacific and Bering's Strait, performed in His Majesty's Ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F. W. Beechey, R. N., F. R., & A. S., in the years 1825, 26, 27, and 28. Part 1. London: Henry G. Bohn

  • Watson & Flores (2010c)

    Watson, J.M. and Flores, A.R. 2010c. A synopsis of perennial tuberous Tropaeolum L. Section Chilensia Sparre (Tropaeoleaceae), including validation of three subsections and a new, reclassified natural hybrid. Herbertia 64: 150-281


  • Watson & Flores (2010c): Figs. 59, 60
  • Wilford (2010): PL. 679


Tuberous perennial with slender twining stems.

Key characteristics

This species could be confused with T. nuptae-jucundae or T. hookerianum. The latter has larger corollas on peduncles double the length, and a longer spur. In T. nuptae-jucundae the upper two petals are unmarked whereas those of T. brachceras are veined dark purplish at the base (Watson & Flores 201C)