The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Tropaeolum ciliatum Ruiz & Pav. subsp. septentrionale Sparre

Place of Publication

Opera Bot.108: 25–26, f.5H (1991)

Type citation

Chile, Valparaíso Region, La Troya, ca 12 km from Limache, 400-600 m. Morrison 16728 (holotype: S, isotypes: G, GH, K, LIL, MO, SI, UC).


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  • Watson & Flores (2010c): Fig 8
  • Rix (2010b): Pl. 685


  • Rix (2010b)
  • Sparre & Andersson (1991)


Vigorous, woody climber from 4–6 m tall.

Key characteristics

Compared with T. ciliatum ssp. ciliatum which has a more southwern distribution ssp. septentrionale has a longer spur to its flower corolla.