The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Solanum indivisum Witasek ex J.R.Benn

Place of Publication

Edin.J. Bot. 65: 88 (2008)

Type citation

Chile, region V (Valparaíso), Concón, viii 1827, E.F. Poeppig s.n. (holotype: W 3645). Fig. 7.


  • Bennett (2008)

    Bennett , J.R. 2008. Revison of Solanum Section Regmandra (Solanaceae). Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 65(1):69-112


  • Bennett (2008): Fig. 7 (F-J)




Mediterranean and Coastal matorral

Distribution and habitat

Only known from three herbarium sheets collected in the 19th century from Concón - an area which today has become highly urbanised hence there is a strong possibility, that this species could now be extinct!


  • Bennett (2008)


Erect annual or perennial herb, 30–40 cm tall. Flowering in August.

Key characteristics

Very similar to S. trinominum and S. coquimbense which all have unequal lengthed stamens. However, the long, narrow, stalkless leaves of S. indivisum have margins which are weakly dentate or subentire - these are strongly lobed in S. trinominum and S. coquimbense.