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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Solanum coquimbense J.R.Benn.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Solanum >
  3. Family: Solanaceae

Place of Publication

Edin.J. Bot. 65: 91; Fig. 7 (2008)

Type citation

"Chile, region IV (Coquimbo), Los Vilos, 20 ix 1974, B. Cassells s.n. (holo SGO)".


Probably an erect, woody perennial herb up to c. 30 cm tall. Flowers in September.

Key characteristics

Distinguished from the similar looking species (S. indivisum and S. trinominum) by the leaf margin being dentate, the lobes rounded and deeper than those of S. indivisum (see image) and never with secondary lobes as in S. trinominum.



Distribution and habitat

Coastal areas of Region IV (Coquimbo) close to Los Vilos. Known only from the type locality - habitat details unknown.


  • Bennett (2008)

    Bennett , J.R. 2008. Revison of Solanum Section Regmandra (Solanaceae). Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 65(1):69-112