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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Schizanthus coccineus (Phil.) J.M. Watson

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Schizanthus >
  3. Family: Solanaceae

Place of Publication

Pl. Altoandinas Fl. Silv. Chile: 140 (1998b)

Type citation

Chile. Metropolitana: Alfalfar, Dec 1887, L. Kunze s.n. (lectotype here designated: SGO! [SGO000004516 acc. #055328]; isolectotype: SGO! [SGO000004515 acc. #042891]).


Common names

  • Mariposita roja


  • Morales-Fierro et al. (2020): fig. 4i–l
  • Habit

    Annual or perennial herb

    Key characteristics

    The upper lip is bicoloured; yellow in the middle lobe and the upper half of the lateral lobes, while the lower half is mostly reddish, that continues to the lower lip. Upper middle lobe almost two times longer than the lateral lobes (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).



    Distribution and habitat

    Restricted to Andes of the Metropolitan Region (Provinces of Santiago and Cordillera, 33°15'–33°30' lat. S) from 2000–2900 m above sea level. It occurs in loose soil; mostly along roadsides and in wet or flooded areas (vegas) (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).


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