The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Chorizanthe novoana Teillier & Macaya

Place of Publication

Novon: 26(1): 48 (2018)

Type citation

Chile, Región de Valparaíso, Prov. Valparaíso, Laguna Verde, 33°04’16S-71°39’32W, 26-XI- 2004, O. Fernández 105 (holotype: JBN; isotype: CONC).


  • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)

    Teillier, S. and Macaya-Berti , J. 2018. Cinco Nuevas Especies de Chorizanthe (Polygonaceae—Eriogonoideae) del Norte de Chile. Novon 26(1):37-52

  • Teillier et al (2019)

    Teillier, S , Macaya-Berti, J and Novoa, J 2019. Revisión de Chorizanthe R. Br. ex Benth. (Polygonaceae) en Chile. Gayana Botánica 79(1) 34-60


  • Teillier et al (2019): Fig. 13



Distribution and habitat

Restricted to la Región de Valparaíso y only known from Laguna Verde, where it grows on coastal cliffs

Conservation status

  • CR B2ab(i,ii,ii (Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018))


  • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)


Rhizomatous perennial, tussock-like habit with flowering stems to 15 cm long

Key characteristics

This species is herb, resembling C. virgata but differing in its green, glabrous or nearly glabrous leaves, and lax and much branched panicle.