The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Chorizanthe navasiae Teillier & Macaya

Place of Publication

Novon: 26(1): 44 (2018)

Type citation

Chile. Region de Coquimbo: Prov. del Choapa, Corral de Julio, 31°109S, 71°379W, 280 m, 27 Nov. 1971, C. Jiles 5860 (holotype: CONC). Figuras 7–9


  • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)

    Teillier, S. and Macaya-Berti , J. 2018. Cinco Nuevas Especies de Chorizanthe (Polygonaceae—Eriogonoideae) del Norte de Chile. Novon 26(1):37-52


  • Teillier et al (2019): Fig. 12



Distribution and habitat

Restricted to the Coquimbo Region, where it grows between the Limarí and Choapa river valleys, between 5-280 meters above sea level. It is found on sunny slopes with Echinopsis skottsbergii, Puya alpestris subsp. zollneri and Puya venusta and shrubs like Bahia ambrosioides, Heliotropium stenophyllum and Oxalis gigantea.


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  • Chorizanthe navasiae Teillier & Macaya
    • Chorizanthe navasiae Teillier & Macaya
      • Chorizanthe navasiae Teillier & Macaya
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Conservation status

  • EN B1ab(ii,iii,iv,v)1B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)) (Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018))


  • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)


Perennial, rhizomatous herb with flowering stems horizontal of procumbent from 5-20 cm.

Key characteristics

This species differsfrom C. virgata in its much laxer rosette with leaves longer and wider, 15–20 mm long, not silvery, and its compactand often spherical glomerule-like inflorescence, 5–20 mm long