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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Chorizanthe mieresii Teillier & Macaya

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Chorizanthe >
  3. Family: Polygonaceae

Place of Publication

Novon: 26(1): 40 (2018)

Type citation

Chile, Región de Coquimbo, Prov. Elqui: Choros Bajo, camino a punta de Choros, 29°17’11.58”S-71°18’58.42”W, 55 m s.n.m., 17-XI-2016, S. Teillier, J. Macaya, P. Novoa & O. Fernández 8200 (Holotype: CONC; isotype: SGO).


  • Teillier et al (2019): Figs. 10, 11
  • Descriptions

    • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)


    Subshrub forming dense, loose cuishions to 25 cm tall.

    Key characteristics

    This is a cushion subshrub like C. vaginata but differs in being much more compact, with leaves somewhat fleshy, entirely glabrous, mucronate, and only to 5 mm long


    Atacama and Coquimbo


    Desert and Desert fog oasis

    Distribution and habitat

    It occurs from the coastline of the Carrizal Bajo valley (Atacama Region) to the town of Choros Bajo (Region Coquimbo), including the Chañaral island. It grows in consolidated dunes along with other dune species.


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    • Teillier & Macaya-Berti (2018)

      Teillier, S. and Macaya-Berti , J. 2018. Cinco Nuevas Especies de Chorizanthe (Polygonaceae—Eriogonoideae) del Norte de Chile. Novon 26(1):37-52