The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Copiapoa conglomerata (Phil.) Lembcke



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    Walter, H E 2011. Typification of Copiapoa conglomerata (Phil.) Lembcke: “A re–evaluation of the evidence for the correct identity of Copiapoa conglomerata and its neotypification Cactus World 29: 103–104

  • Larridon et al. (2015)

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Desert and Desert fog oases (Lomas)

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to the lower part of Botija Valley at elevations between sea level and 800 m. It forms part of the fog oasis formation in extremely dry areas with very low rainfall where it grows close to populations of Copiapoa atacamensis and Copiapoa solaris.


This species forms compact clumps with up to 15 heads, each 50 cm in diameter.