The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Carex toroensis G.A. Wheeler

Place of Publication

Syst. Bot. 14(2): 182 (1989)

Type citation

Chile, Prov. Magallanes, [Dpto. Ultima Esperanza], Seno Ultima Esperanza, Puerto Toro, W of Rio Serrano, N of Ventisquero Balmaceda, 51°25'S, 73°05'W, open cyperaceous bog, 18 Jan 1977, T.B.P.A. 1804 (holotype: HIP!).


  • Wheeler (1989)

    Wheeler, G.A. 1989. The taxonomy of Carex sect. Aciculares (Cyperaceae) in South America. Systematic Botany 14(2):168-188


  • Wheeler (1989):


  • Wheeler (1989)


Perennial 3.5 to 8.5 cm tall.

Key characteristics

Although this species closely resembles C. caduca, the former is a more diminutive and delicate species than the latter. Carex toroensis is known only from "open cyperaceous bog", whereas C. caduca grows in a variety of habitats (Wheeler, 1989)