The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Carex stuessyi G.A. Wheeler

Place of Publication

Darwiniana 45(1): 129-131 (2007)

Type citation

Chile. V Región Valparaíso, Prov. Valparaíso, Juan Fernández Islands, Masafuera, saddle between Quebrada Vacas and Quebrada Gua tón, steep precipices on both sides, but a small flat area in between, 1050 m, on steep rock cliffs, 27-1-1986, T. F. Stuessy et al. 9342 (holotype CONC). Figs. ID, 2Bb, 2Bd.


  • Wheeler (2007)

    Wheeler, G.A. 2007. Carex and Uncinia (Cyperaceae, Cariceae) from the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile. Darwiniana 45(1): 136–137


Archipiélago de Juan Fernández

Distribution and habitat

Only known from Alejandro Selkirk Island (Juan Fernandez Archipelago) where it grows in alpine fell-fields (Skottsberg, 1953) and on steep canyon walls, at about 950 to 1370 m.


Perennial, fertile stems 35-70 cm tall. Fruiting in January

Key characteristics

On the archipelago this species can be recognized by its rough and warty leaves and roots felt-covered with yellowish hairs.