The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Berberis corymbosa Hook. & Arn.

Place of Publication

Bot. Misc. 3(8-9): 135 (1833)

Type citation

Chile. Juan Fernandez [Archipelago, Más a Tierra Island], Graham s.n., Douglas s.n., and Cuming 1338 (syntypes, not seen, = SGO photo [Cuming 1338, E-GL]!)



  • Hooker J.D. (1833a)

    Hooker, W.J 1833. Contributions towards a flora of South America & the islands of the Pacific. Botanical Miscellany, vol. 3(8-9):129-211, 302-367. London: John Murray


Shrub or small tree to c. 5 m tall. Flowering in November and December. Fruiting in January and February (Landrum, 1999).

Key characteristics

Style and stigma prom-inent; stamens without tooth-like appendages; spines none or insignificant; inflorescence a panicle or umbel; leaves usually submembranous, the margins usually entire (Landrum, 1999).