The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Asteriscium chilense Cham. & Schltdl.

Place of Publication

Linnaea 1: 354, pl. 5,f.1. (1826)

Type citation

"In arenosis siccis circa Talcaguana regni Chilensis", II-1816, F. Eschscholz (Type; LE)


Common names

  • anisello (Mathias & Constance (1962))
  • perelillo (Mathias & Constance (1962))
  • muchu (Mathias & Constance (1962))
  • yerba negra (Mathias & Constance (1962))


  • Chamisso & Schlechtendal (1826)

    Chamisso, A. and Schlechtendal, C. 1826. De plantis in expeditione speculatoria Romanzoffiana observatis. Linnaea 1.1-556.

  • Mathias & Constance (1962)

    Mathias , M.E. and Constance, L. 1962. A revision of Asteriscium and related Hydrocotyloid Umbelliferae. University of California Publications in Botany 33(2):99-184


  • Mathias & Constance (1962): Fig. 7. (a-g); Fig. 8. (a-e)


  • Mathias & Constance (1962)


Erect or spreading perennial herb 30-100 cm tall.

Key characteristics

A very variable species especially in the outline of the basal leaves which can vary from being entire to divided into three parts. The closest Chilean species is A. vidali which has basal leaves which are more divided.


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.