The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Alstroemeria hookeri Lodd. subsp. sansebastiana Baeza & E. Ruiz

Place of Publication

Gayana, Bot. 68(2): 313 (2011)

Type citation

Chile. VIII Región. Provincia de Bío-Bío. Yumbel. Camino estación Yumbel hacia Puente Perales, 102 m, (37º09’S-72º32’W). 30-XII-2002. C. Baeza 4187 (CONC). (holotipo, CONC. ).


  • Baeza & Ruiz (2011)

    Baeza, C.M. and Ruiz, E 2011. Alstroemeria hookeri Lodd. subsp. sansebastiana C.M. Baeza & E. Ruiz, nueva para la flora de Chile. Gayana. Botánica 68(2): 313-315


  • Baeza & Ruiz (2011): fig 1A


Biobío and Ñuble

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to a small area on the border of Regions Biobio and Ñuble near to Pangal del Laja (Baeza et al. 2010). Here it grows in very sandy soils in an area which is subject to extreme erosion that has been planted with Pinus radiata.

Conservation status

  • EN B1ab(iii) (Baeza & Ruiz (2011))


  • Baeza & Ruiz (2011)


Perennial up to 48 cm tall.

Key characteristics

This subspecies closely resembles ssp. hookeri from which it differs in growing much taller, inflorescence with longer pedicles (greater than 3 cm). The flowers are paler pink, with darker streaks on the inside of the upper tapals.