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The Endemic Plants of Chile – an Annotated Checklist

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Schizopetalon biseriatum Phil.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Schizopetalon >
  3. Family: Brassicaceae

Place of Publication

Anales Univ. Chile 81: 192 (1892)

Type citation

CHILE [Region Atacama], Caldera, Sep. 1885, E Philippi 1941 (holotype: SGO)


  • Al-Shehbaz (1989): fig. 2a; 3a,b
  • Descriptions

    • Al-Shehbaz (1989)


    Annual herb with stems 8-20 cm tall. Flowering from September to early October

    Key characteristics

    This is the only species of the genus with seeds biseriately (in two rows) arranged in each locule of the fruit. The lack of bracts distinguishes it from the closely related S. arcuatum.


    Atacama, Coquimbo and Valparaíso

    Distribution and habitat

    Sandy hills and sandy areas around rock outcrops at altitudes of 58 to 580 m.


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    Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.


    • Philippi R.A. (1892a)

      Philippi, R.A. 1892. Plantas nuevas Chilenas de la familia Crucíferas, Bixáceas, Violáceas, Polygáleas. Anales de la Universidad de Chile 81:65-86, 177-195, 329-347, 489-498

    • Al-Shehbaz (1989)

      Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 1989. Systematic and phylogeny of Schizopetalon (Brassicaceae). Harvard Papers Botany 1(1): 10-46.