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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Schizanthus parvulus Sudzuki

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Schizanthus >
  3. Family: Solanaceae

Place of Publication

Agric. Tecn. Chile 5(1): 33 (1945)

Type citation

Chile. Coquimbo: Hacienda Illapel, Caren, frente a El Vato [Bato], ca. 900 m alt., 20–24 Oct 1941, C. Muñoz & G.T. Johnson 2295 (holotype: SGO! [SGO000004532 acc. #143618]; isotype: SGO! [SGO000004534 acc. #148996]).


  • Morales-Fierro et al. (2020): fig. 1c–e
  • Habit

    Herb 25-60 cm tall

    Key characteristics

    Easily recognisable as this species has the smallest flower of the genus (10–14 mm long, 10–12 mm wide) and its conspicuous bilobed and brilliant element at the base of the upper middle corolla lobe, that exudes nectar. Corolla mostly burgundy and whitish only at the end of each acute lobe (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).



    Distribution and habitat

    Restricted to the Region of Coquimbo (Province of Choapa, 31°20'–32°10' lat. S) from Parque Nacional Las Chinchillas to west of Illapel .100–900 m above sea level. It grows on coastal hills and occurs in interior valleys with semi-arid xerophytic scrub which includes small trees of Quillaja saponaria, shrubs of Spinoliva ilicifolia, Haplopappus pulchellus, Haplopappus velutinus, Pleocarphus revolutus and herbs such as Loasa illapelina, Calceolaria collina and Chaetanthera limbata (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).


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