The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Oxalis mirbelii Dehnh.

Place of Publication

Verh. Vereins Beford. Gartenbaues Konigl. Preuss. Staaten 13: 178-179 (1839)

Type citation

Neotype ex cultivation BG Vienna (W)


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    Shaw, J M H 2021. The identity of Oxalis megalorrhiza - a 300-year puzzle, Cactus World 39(1)67-72

  • Shaw (2022)

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  • Shaw (2022): Fig. 5


  • Shaw (2022)


Pachycaul subshrub, 3-40 cm tall.


The name Oxalis megalorrhiza Jacq. (a native to Peru) has been misapplied to O. mirbelii. The latter has also been consistently misidentified as O. carnosa Molina, a non-succulent species now referable to O. magellanica (Shaw, 2021, 2022)