The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Nolana lachimbensis M.O.Dillon & Luebert

Place of Publication

Arnaldoa 14(2): 196 (-199; figs. 4-5). (2007)

Type citation

TYPE: CHILE. Región II (Antofagasta). Prov. Antofagasta, La Chimba, quebrada NE of Antofagasta, [23°32.27’S, 70°21.55’ W], ca. 500 m, 21 Oct 2004, M.O. Dillon & M. Finger C. 8591 (holotype: SGO)


  • Dillon et al. (2007)

    Dillon, M. O. , Arancio, G. and Leubert, F. 2007. Five new species of Nolana (Solanaceae-Nolaneae) from Chile. Arnaldoa 14(2): 191-212




Desert and Desert fog oases (Lomas)

Distribution and habitat

Only known from a single location in Quebrada La Chimba growing with Nolana linearifolia, N. peruviana and N. sedifolia (Dillon et al, 2007).


  • Dillon et al. (2007)


Small shrub to 50 cm tall. Flowering fromOctober to December

Key characteristics

Nolana lachimbensis is most similar to N. ramosissima and N. salsoloides but differs by having oval, slender and smooth, stipitate-glandular leaves and small lavender flowers with prominent lobes (Dillon et al., 2007).