The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Menonvillea frigida (Phil.) Rollins

Place of Publication

Contr. Gray Herb. 177: 23 (1955)

Type citation

CHILE. [Región de Antofagasta]. Río Frío, (desierto) Atacama, ca. 10800 ft (3292 m), R. A. Philippi s.n. (holotype SGO 63964!).



  • Rollins (1955)

    Rollins, R.C. 1955. A revisionary study of the genus Menonvillea (Cruciferae). Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 177: 3-57

  • Salariato et al. (2014)

    Salariato, D.L. , Zuloaga , F.O. and Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 2014. A revision of the genus Menonvillea (Cremolobeae, Brassicaceae). Phytotaxa 162(4):



Distribution and habitat

This species is confined to north-western Chile in Region Antofagasta, at elevations of between 3200−4700 metres. Its classic location is in PN Llullaillaco.


  • Salariato et al. (2014)


Perennial, woody at base; stems 5−9(−15) cm tall. Flowers between December and March.

Key characteristics

Similar to M. macrocarpa and M. cicatricosa, all of which have entire, lanceolate to oblanceolate leaves. It differs from both species by having smaller fruits (4−5 vs. 9−13 or 12−16 mm long in M. macrocarpa and M. cicatricosa, respectively (Salariato, 2014).