The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Menonvillea filifolia Fisch. & C.A. Mey.

Place of Publication

Index Seminum [St.Petersburg (Petropolitanus)] 1: 34 (1835)

Type citation

CHILE. Ex horto bot. Petropolitano (lectotype designated by Salariato, 2014), LE!; isolectotypes K 471802!, LE!).



  • Fischer & Meyer (1835)

    Fischer, F.E.L. and Meyer, C.A. 1835. Index seminum, quae Hortus Botanicus Imperialis Petropolitanus promutua commutatione offert : accedunt Animadversiones botanicae nonnullae 1: 3-42

  • Salariato et al. (2014)

    Salariato, D.L. , Zuloaga , F.O. and Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 2014. A revision of the genus Menonvillea (Cremolobeae, Brassicaceae). Phytotaxa 162(4):


  • Salariato et al. (2014)


Annual with stems 15−36 cm tall. Flowers from September to November.

Key characteristics

Similar to M. linearis but differs by being annual (vs. perennial) with crenate, undulate (vs. entire) fruit wings and fruits valves usually densely covered with clavate papillae between the wings and on the tuberculate callus (vs. glabrous or only sparsely papillate between the wings and glabrous callus). It is closely related morphologically to M. marticorenae but see discussion under this species (Salariato, 2014).