The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Malesherbia fasciculata D. Don var. glandulosa Ricardi

Place of Publication

Gayana, Bot.16: 110, f. 29D–E (1967)

Type citation

CHILE. Coquimbo Region: Serón Estancia, pleno campo, 23 November 1957, C. Jiles 3296 (holotype CONC31878!)


  • Ricardi (1967)

    Ricardi , M. 1967. Revisión taxonómica de las Malesherbiaceas. Gayana. Botánica 16:3-139

  • Bull-Hereñu (2020)

    Bull-Hereñu, K. 2020. The genus Malesherbia Ruiz & Pav. (Passifloraceae) in Chile. Phytotaxa 468 (1): 1-44


  • Ricardi (1967)


Subshrub, stems 40–90 cm tall

Key characteristics

Differs from var. fasciculata by having matted hairs, leaves and bracts lined with glandular hairs and glandular hairs at the apex of the sepals. The flowering stems have a single flower.