The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Machaerina scirpoidea (Steud.) T. Koyama

Place of Publication

Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 69: 65 (1956)

Type citation

Chile. Juan Fernindez Islands: scirpoidea mihi ignota, ad rupium fissuras in frigidis rusticum editiorum, Apr. 1830, Bertero 1509 (holotype, P). Figure 3D



  • Koyama (1956)

    Koyama, T. 1956. Taxonomic study of Cyperaceae V. Botanical Magazine (Tokyo) 69: 59-67

  • Strong (1997)

    Strong, M T 1997. Machaerina (Cyperaceae) in South America. Novon 7(3):308-319


Archipiélago de Juan Fernández

Distribution and habitat

Known only from Robinosn Crusoe Island, Juan Fernindez Islands. Occurs in wet or swampy ground along streams, or hanging over rocks in and bordering the summit of waterfalls, 183-630 m elevation. Johow (1896) recorded M. scirpoidea as occurring at Pangal (Pangal Falls) and in the border of the estuary that surrounds the Plazuela del Yunque (Strong, 1997).


  • Strong (1997)


Perennial, 50-150 cm tall