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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Heliotropium taltalense (Phil.) I.M. Johnst.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Heliotropium >
  3. Family: Heliotropiaceae

Place of Publication

Cont. Gray Herb. 81: 27 (1928)

Type citation

Chile, Región de Antofagasta, Prov. Antofagasta, prope Taltal, Oct. 1889, L. Darapsky 30 (holotype SGO 54432).


Common names

  • palo negro
  • monte negro

Conservation status

  • Vulnerable VUB2(b,c) (Luebert (2013))


  • Luebert (2013): Fig. 8(a-f)
  • Descriptions

    • Luebert (2013)


    Erect shrub 65–100 cm tall. Flowering from September to November.

    Key characteristics

    Most closely related to H. sinuatum which is also resinous and has sinuate and rugose leaves but H. taltalense differs in having forked secondary veins and more pubescence on its leaves (Luebert, 2013).


    Antofagasta and Atacama


    Desert and Desert fog oasis

    Distribution and habitat

    Coastal hills of the province of Antofagasta where it is abundant between Miguel Díaz and Taltal (24°30'–25°29'S). Coastal areas usually outside the fog zone and ranging from 50–1060metres above sea level. Locally common amongst Balbisia peduncularis, Copiapoa tenebrosa, Euphorbia lactiflua, Nolana divaricata, Nolana incana and Tetragonia maritima (Luebert, 2013).


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    • Johnston (1928)

      Johnston, I.M. 1928. Studies in the Boraginaceae. VII. The South American species of Heliotropium; Notes on various Boraginoideae. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 81:3-83