The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Domeykoa perennis I.M. Johnst.

Place of Publication

Contr. Gray Herb. 85: 88-89 (1929)

Type citation

"Chile: crevices at head of sea-cliffs, near Aguada Cachina, Dept, Taltal", 15-XII-1925, I.M.Johnston 5689 (Type: GH).


  • Johnston (1929a)

    Johnston, I.M. 1929. Papers on the Flora of Northern Chile. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University 85: 1-172

  • Mathias & Constance (1962)

    Mathias , M.E. and Constance, L. 1962. A revision of Asteriscium and related Hydrocotyloid Umbelliferae. University of California Publications in Botany 33(2):99-184


Perennial herb 10-30 cm tall