The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Copiapoa angustiflora Helmut Walter, G.J.Charles & Mächler

Place of Publication

Cact. World 24(4): 188 (2006)


  • Walter et al. (2006)

    Walter, H. , Charles, G.J. and Mächler, W. 2006. Copiapoa angustiflora sp. nov. Cactus World 24(4): 185-192

  • Hunt (2016b)

    Hunt, D. 2016. CITES Cactaceae Checklist. Third Edition. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew



Distribution and habitat

Confined to a small coastal area north and south of the central Guanillos valley where it grows on low granite hills from 200 to 400 m above sea level (Walter et al. 2006).

Conservation status

  • Critically Endangered B1ab(iii,v)+2ab(iii,v)