The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Carex berteroniana Steud.

Place of Publication

Flora 25(2): 604 (1842)

Type citation

Chile. V Región Valparaíso, Prov. Valparaíso: Juan Fernández Islands, Bertero 1445 (holotype P; isotype TO?). Figs. 1A, 2Aa.



  • Steudel (1842)

    Steudel , E.G. 1842. Ueber die von Bertero in Chili und auf der Insel Juan-Fernandez gesammelten Cyperaceen. Flora 25(2):599-605

  • Wheeler (2007)

    Wheeler, G.A. 2007. Carex and Uncinia (Cyperaceae, Cariceae) from the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile. Darwiniana 45(1): 136–137

  • Penneckamp (2018)

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  • Penneckamp (2018): pag. 311


Archipiélago de Juan Fernández


Temperate Forests and Juan Fernández rainforest

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to the Juan Fernández Archipelago where it occurs on both Robinson Crusoe and Alejandro Selkirk islands. It grows in a variety of habitats including: canyon walls, thickets, open grassy slopes, and edge of trails. It mostly occurs from 200 to 600 m above sea level (Wheeler, 2007).


  • Penneckamp (2018)


Perennial 50-110 cm tall. Flowers in September. Fruits are produced December through to February (Wheeler, 200)

Key characteristics

This species has a close affinity with C. fernandezensis but it has a subtle, but distinctive diagnostic feature which is the highly ornamented apex to the anthers, consisting of a broad white membranous appendage often tipped with 5 to 7 prickle-like hairs (Wheeler, 2007)