The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Calceolaria viscosissima (Hook.) Lindl.

Place of Publication

Edwards's Bot. Reg.: t.1611 (1833)

Type citation

"C. integrifolia var. viscosa Hook, latifolia" (lectotype, designated by Ehrhart (2005), : K Hb. Hooker)



  • Lindley (1833a)

    Lindley, J. 1833. Calceolaria viscosissima. Edwards’s Botanical Register. 19: pl. 1611

  • Ehrhart (2005)

    Ehrhart , C 2005. The Chilen Calceolaria integrifolia a.l. species complex (Scrophulariaceae). Systematic Botany 30: 383-411

  • Nova (2020)

    Novoa, P 2020. Ficha Resumen de Especie: Calceolaria viscosissima (Hook.) Lindl.


  • Ehrhart (2005): fig. 15



Distribution and habitat

A narrow endemic restricted to Punta Curaumilla (Province de Valparaiso) from Las Docas to Quintana. Here it grows on coastal cliffs, (along with C. integrifolia and C. morisii ) in an area which is subject to coastal fog (Ehrhart, 2005).

Conservation status

  • EN B1 ab(iii)+2ab(iii (Nova (2020))


  • Ehrhart (2005)


Erect shrub to 1.5 m tall and spreading to 2 m.

Key characteristics

This shrub has the shortest petioles (3-8 mm) among the species that belong to the C. integrifolia group, which is broadly winged and dentate like the auricles. Its most distinctive character is the very glutinous (sticky) leaf surface. Ehrhart (2005) maintains that C. viscosissima is most closely related to C. georgiana.


Calceolaria viscosissima forms hybrids with C. morisii

Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.