The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Calceolaria thyrsiflora Graham

Place of Publication

Edinburgh New Philos. J. 5: 372 (1828)

Type citation

Chili, Gillies s.n. [Lectotype (Ehrhart 1997) (E; Iso.: E, K)]



  • Graham (1828)

    Graham, R. 1828. Description of several new and rare plants which have flowered in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh, and chiefly in the Royal Botanic Garden, during the last three months. Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. Edinburgh. 5:169-176, 371-382

  • Ehrhart (1997)

    Ehrhart, C. 1997. Kritische arten der gattung Calceolaria aus Chile V. Zwei neue Arten. Sendtnera 4: 61-75

  • Ehrhart (2000)

    Ehrhart, C. 2000. Bibliotheca Botanica 153: Die Gattung Calceolaria (Scrophulariaceae) in Chile. Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung


  • Ehrhart (2000): Abb. 137


  • Ehrhart (2000)