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Weberbauerella chilensis Faúndez & Saldivia

Place of Publication

Not. Mens. Mus. Nac. Hist. 360: 42 (2008)

Type citation

CHILE. Tarapacá: Comuna de Pica, Camino a Salar del Huasco, 3600 m, 31 March 2008, L. Faúndez & B. Larraín s.n. (holotype SGO 162972!, isotypes SGO 162973!, CONC 177641!).


  • Saldivia & Faúndez (2008)

    Saldivia, P. and Faúndez , L. 2008. Weberbauerella chilensis (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae), a new species from the Atacama Desert, Chile. Phytotaxa, 177: 280–290.


Tarapacá and Atacama


Desert and Andean desert

Distribution and habitat

This species is found in the Atacama Desert in the Tarapacá region on a narrow altitudinal strip in the upper boundaries of very dry desert. It grows on sandy soils between 2500 to 3600 m altitude where it grows in open habitats that include Metharme lanata, Nolana tarapacana and Tiquilia grandiflora (Faúndez & Saldivia, 2008).

Conservation status

  • Endangered EN B1ab(iii) (Faúndez & Saldivia (2008))


Herbaceous perennial, 10–15 cm tall. Flowering from September to March.