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The Endemic Plants of Chile – an Annotated Checklist

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Viola polypoda Turcz.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Viola >
  3. Family: Violaceae

Place of Publication

Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 36(1): 555 (1863a)



Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.


  • Turczaninow (1863a)

    Turczaninow, N. 1863a. Animadversiones ad catalogum et secundum herbarii Universitatis Charkoviensis. Bulletin de la Société Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou 36(1): 545-615