The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Viola marcelorosasii J.M. Watson & A.R. Flores

Place of Publication

Int. Rock Gard. 104: 11 (2018)

Type citation

CHILE. III Region of Atacama, Vallenar Province, Llanos de Los Morteros, 28º35'40"S 70º26'20"W, 2240-2280 m, 21 Aug. 2017, leg. J.M. Watson, A.R. Flores & J. Alegria, F. & W. 13051 (holotype SGO; isotypes CONC, ULS, herb. Flores & Watson [omnia!])




Distribution and habitat

A narrow endemic known from only three sites a short distance apart in the precordillera of the southern Atacama Region. They are separated by a maximum distance of approximately seven kilometres and inhabit a range of elevations between 1600 m and 2280 m (Watson & Flores, 2018). Eroded, rounded low upland hills and shallow peaks, with a general cover of subandean dry steppe type vegetation including: Adama revoluta, Adesmia filifolia, A. odontophylla, Ephedra chilensis, Glandularia porrigens, Hypochaeris chondrilloides, Phacelia pinnatifida & Phrodus microphyllus (Watson & Flores, 2018).

Conservation status

  • VU (Watson & Flores (2018))


  • Watson & Flores (2018)


Annual, rosulate hemicryptophyte. Flowers April to mid-November