The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Viola dandoisiorum J.M. Watson & A.R. Flores,

Place of Publication

Int. Rock Gard. 104: 27 (2018)

Type citation

CHILE. III Region of Atacama, Caldera Province, Quebrada del Potrero, 28º48'27"S 70º32'26"W, 682 m, 17 Aug 2017, leg. J.M. Watson, A.R. Flores, P.J.S. & C.M.B.G. Dandois, F.& W. 12995 (holotype SGO; isotypes CONC, ULS, herb. Flores & Watson [omnia!])


  • Watson & Flores (2018)

    Watson, J M and Flores, A R 2018. Two new rosulate annual species of Viola (Violaceae) from the initial and upper Andean foothills of Atacama Region, Chile. International Rock Gardener (2018) 104: 2-46


  • Watson & Flores (2018): Figs. 40, 41, 47-56, 64, 65, 75, 77



Distribution and habitat

The species is known from five distinct locations in central northern Atacama Region. Four inhabit dry river valleys shortly inland, and a fifth (very small population of two plants) was found in the Pacific littoral fog belt zone. This narrow endemic is associated with sparsely vegetated, stony and rocky hilly or low mountainous terrain.

Conservation status

  • VU (Watson & Flores (2018))


  • Watson & Flores (2018)


Annual, rosulate hemicryptophyte flowering from mid-August to late November