The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Valeriana praecipitis A.E. Villarroel & Menegoz

Place of Publication

PhytoKeys 189: 85, figs. 2-4 (2022)

Type citation

Ñuble Region, Punilla Province, San Fabián de Alico, Laguna Añil, crevices and small terraces of granite cliffs, 1724 m elevation, 36°32'00.8"S, 71°23'36.1"W, 7 January 2020, A.E. Villarroel & E. Ponce s.n., (holotype SGO!)


  • Villarroel et al. (2022)

    Villarroel, A E , Menegoz, K , Le Quesne , C and Moreno-Gonzalez, R 2022. Valeriana praecipitis (Caprifoliaceae), a species new to science and endemic to Central Chile. PhytoKeys 189: 81-98.




Temperate Forests

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to five sites (with a maximum of 38 km between them) in the Andes at high elevations from 1530 to 1980 m above sea level. It usually grows in crevices and small terraces with a southerly aspect in Andean deciduous forest of Nothofagus pumilio or some sites in Mediterranean low scrub.

Conservation status

  • Endangered B2ab(iii) (Villarroel et al. (2022))


Perennial herb 4-25 cm tall. Flowering from November to December; fruiting from January to February.