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Tropaeolum myriophyllum (Poepp. & Endl.) Sparre

Place of Publication

Darwiniana 11: 119 (1955)

Type citation

Chile, Biobío Region, Volcán Antuco. Poeppig 794 (lectotype (selected by Sparre & Andersson, 1981) W; isotypes: BM, BR, G, L, LE, M, OXF, P, W).



  • Sparre (1955)

    Sparre, B. 1955. Preliminary studies toward a monograph on the Tropaeolum family - 1, Tropaeolaceae Chilenses, Darwiniana 11:89-132

  • Watson & Flores (2010c)

    Watson, J.M. and Flores, A.R. 2010c. A synopsis of perennial tuberous Tropaeolum L. Section Chilensia Sparre (Tropaeoleaceae), including validation of three subsections and a new, reclassified natural hybrid. Herbertia 64: 150-281


Maule, Biobío and Ñuble

Distribution and habitat

Very poorly known species with very few collectrions from the Cordilleras of Linares and Ñuble. Occurs at ca. 2000 m in Andean steppe amongst small shrubby vegetation.


  • Sparre & Andersson (1991)


Tuberous, slender perennial herb,

Key characteristics

The flowers closely resemble those of T looseri and T. leptophyllum s.l., but has very linear leaflets (less than 2 mm wide) and with serrated or incised margins.