The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Tropaeolum hookerianum Barnéoud subsp. pilosum J.M.Watson & A.R.Flores

Place of Publication

The New Plantsman 7(2): 63–64, f.1. (2000)

Type citation

Chile, Coquimbo Region, Elqui Province, Quebrada Maitencillo, 16 km N of Andacollo, 400 m, Flores & Watson 8580 (holotype: SGO, CONC, isotypes: K).


  • Watson & Flores (2010c)

    Watson, J.M. and Flores, A.R. 2010c. A synopsis of perennial tuberous Tropaeolum L. Section Chilensia Sparre (Tropaeoleaceae), including validation of three subsections and a new, reclassified natural hybrid. Herbertia 64: 150-281


  • Watson & Flores (2010c): Fig. 65



Distribution and habitat

Northern central Chile (known only from the Type location. Steep, south-facing slopes dominated by shrubs of Pingrea marginalis and at an elevation of 400 metres above sea level.


  • Watson & Flores (2010c)

Key characteristics

Differs from T. hookerianum ssp. hookerianum in having pilose peduncles.