The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Tristerix aphyllus (Miers ex DC.) Barlow & Wiens

Place of Publication

Brittonia 25(1): 39 (1973)


Common names

  • quintral del quisco (Kuijt (1988a))


  • Barlow & Weins (1973)

    Barlow, B. A. and Weins, D. 1973. The classification of the generic segregates of Phrygilanthus (=Notanthera) of the Loranthaceae Brittonia 25(1):26-39

  • Kuijt (1988b)

    Kuijt, J. 1988b. Revision of Tristerix (Loranthaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 19:1-61

  • Lucero et al. (2014)

    Lucero, F. , Botto-Mahan, C. , Medel, R. and Fontúrbel, F. 2014. New insights on the mistletoe Tristerix aphyllus (Loranthaceae): interaction with diurnal and nocturnal frugivorous species. Gayana. Botánica 71(2): 270-272


Commonly parasitic on Echinopsis chiloensis but it also parasitises other species of cacti including Eulychnia acida