The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Trisetum nancaguense Finot

Place of Publication

Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 92(4): 553, f.2 (2015)

Type citation

Chile Region VI: Prov. Cardenal Caro,12km E of Pichilemu on Hwy. towards Nancagua, 34°23'S ,71° 59' W, 45m,15 Nov.1990, T.G. Lammers, C.M. Baeza y P. Penailillo 7894 holotype, CONC-113221!; isotype F-2183048!)


  • Finot et al. (2015)

    Finot, L.V. , Petersen, P.M. , Zuloaga, F.O. and Matthei, O. 2015. A Revision of Trisetum (Poaceae: Pooideae Aveninae) in South America. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 92(4): 533-568


Perennial, 40 to 75 cm tall. Flowering in November and February.

Key characteristics

This species is related to T. barbinode from which it differs in having hairy bleaf blades (vs hairless), leaf sheaths shorther than the nodes (vs. longer), glumes shorter than the florets (vs. equaling or longer than the spikelet). Its distribution is in the Central Valley and on the coast in Central Chile at low elevations (vs, the Andes above 1000 m above sea level).