The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Sibara dilloniorum Al-Shehbaz

Place of Publication

Harvard Pap. Bot. 15(1): 142–145, f.2. (2010)

Type citation

CHILE. Region II (Antofagasta): Prov. Antofagasta, vicinity of Agua Miguel Diaz, quebrada south of Punta Dos Reyes, arid hillsides with scattered vegetation, 250^450 m, 24°36'S, 70°33'W, 14 November 1988, M. O. Dillon & D. Dillon 5908 (Holotype: F [2132561]).


  • Al-Shehbaz (2010a)

    Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 2010. A Synopsis of the Genus Sibara. Harvard Papers in Botany 15(1): 139-147


Annual herb up o 1m tall

Key characteristics

This narrow endemic resembles Sibara anethifolia and S. macrostachya but is readily distinguished from both by the bipinnatisect leaves with dentate lobes (vs. pectinate-pinnatisect leaves with entire lobes). It also differs from S. anethifolia by the robust (vs. delicate) stems 0.5-1 m (vs. 10-30 cmm) and 56-84-flowered (vs. 13-30-flowered). Sibara macrostachya is perennial while. S, dillonirum is annual.