The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Senna stipulacea (Aiton) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. anglorum H.S.Irwin & Barneby

Place of Publication

Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 35(1-2): 336-337 (1982)

Type citation

"Chile: Valparaíso, Valparaíso; anno 1832", Cuming 708 (Holotype: K Isotypes: E, BM).


  • Irwin & Barneby (1982)

    Irwin, H.S. and Barneby, R.C. 1982. The American Cassiinae. A synoptical revision of Leguminosae tribe Cassieae subtribe Casiinae in the New World. Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden 35:(1-2):1-98


  • Irwin & Barneby (1982)


Evergreen shrub to 1-3.5 m tall. Flowering from August to December.

Key characteristics

Secondary venation of leaflets prominent on both surfaces. The foliage tends to be a darker green than that of Senna stipulacea var. stipulacea.