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Senecio festucoides J.Calvo & A.Moreira

Place of Publication

PhytoKeys 149: 91 (2020)

Type citation

Chile. Antofagasta: San Pedro de Atacama, Machuca, 4 km antes de la entrada a los géisers del Tatio, 22°23'S, 68°1'W, 4375 m, 27 Feb 2020, fl. and fr., J. Calvo 8120 (holotype: SGO; isotypes: CONC, MA, US).


  • Calvo & Moreira (2020)

    Calvo, J and Moreira, A 2020. Senecio festucoides (Senecioneae, Compositae), a new species from northern Chile, PhytoKeys 149: 89–98


Tarapacá and Antofagasta

Distribution and habitat

Only known from two locations, one in Region Tarapacá (Collahuasi) and one in Region Antofagasta (San Pedro de Atacama). Its close proximity with Bolivia makes it likely that eventually it may also be found here. It thrives in exposed grassy slopes and plains of the desertic Puna ecoregion, between 4325‒4550 meters above sea level. It grows amongst tufts of Festuca chrysophylla, where its lax stems are afforded support. It occurs with: Astragalus minimus , Mulinum crassifolium , Parastrephia quadrangularis , Pycnophyllum tetrastichum, Senecio scorzonerifolius, and Werneria glaberrima . When not in flower Senecio fetucoides can be difficult to detect as its leaves are easily confused with those of Festuca (Calvo & Moreira, 2020).


  • Senecio festucoides J.Calvo & A.Moreira
    • Senecio festucoides J.Calvo & A.Moreira
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Conservation status

  • Near Threatened (Calvo & Moreira (2020))


Perennial with stems from 15–25 cm tall. Flowers January to March

Key characteristics

Closely related to S. scorzonerifolius but differs in having 17-21 bracts at the base of the flower (vs. 13-15), and petals yellow (vs. white).