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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Schizanthus candidus Lindl.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Schizanthus >
  3. Family: Solanaceae

Place of Publication

Edwards's Bot. Reg. 29: t.45 (1843)

Type citation

Chile. Atacama: Coquimbo?, T.C. Bridges 1356 (lectotype designated by Grau and Gronbach 1984, pg. 124 [as type]: K! [K00058348, photo at IND! [IND-0107170]]; isolectotypes: BM! [BM000995488, BM000995489], E! [E00089541], G [n.v., F! neg. 23090], P! [P00477035, P00477036]).


Common names

  • mariposita blanca


  • Morales-Fierro et al. (2020): fig. 2e–g
  • Habit

    Annual herb, 30-60 cm tall

    Key characteristics

    Unique in that the white flowers have a corolla tube that can be longer or as long as the calyx; the lower lip of the corolla is reduced, compared to the upper part. Pinnatisect leaves with linear lobes (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).




    Desert and Desert fog oasis

    Distribution and habitat

    Restricted to the coast and interior valleys of the Region of Atacama (Provinces of Copiapó and Huasco, 27°50'–29°0' lat. S), 20–200 m above sea level. It grows abundantly among rocks over fine sand, in dry places or in seasonally wet valleys with scattered shrubs. It can occur with Leontochir ovallei, Cistanthe grandiflora, Chaetanthera limbata and Senecio troncosii. It is most abundant in El Niño events, being a main element of the “blooming desert” (Morales-Fierro et al., 2020).


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    Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.


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