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The Endemic Plants of Chile


Oxalis arbuscula Barnéoud

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Oxalis >
  3. Family: Oxalidaceae

Place of Publication

Fl. Chil. [Gay] 1(4): 443-444 (1846)

Type citation

Chile. Copiapó. Gay 18. Holotype: P (P00445546) Isotype: F. (0066497F)



  • Heibl (2005): Fig. 12 (A--D
  • Descriptions

    • Heibl (2005)


    Perennial, dwarf shrub up to 20 cm tall.Perennial.


    Antofagasta and Atacama

    Distribution and habitat

    Very restricted distribution in Region Antofagasta (Paposo) and two locations south of Copiapoa (Region Atacama). It grows in stony soils in fog desert (Paposo) and inland semi desert (Heibl, 2005)


    • Gay (1846c)

      Gay, C. 1846. Historia física y política de Chile: Botánica, vol. 1(4):377-496. Paris & Chile (Museo Historia Natural de Santiago)

    • Heibl (2005)

      Heibl, C 2005. Studies on the systematics, evolution and biogeography of Oxalis sections Caesiae, Carnosae, and Giganteae, endemic to the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. Diploma thesis. University of Munich, Germany.