The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Ombrophytum chilense Kuijt & Delprete

Type citation

CHILE. Antofagasta: [Pukará de] Lasana [ca. 22º17’S, 68º38’W; Lasana is in the canyon of the Río Loa, about 10 km N of Chiu Chiu], 6 July 1969 (fl, fr), H.C. Martin 486 (holotype: SI! [Sheet A]; isotype: SI! [Sheet B]). [SI specimens have no barcode or accession number]

Common names

  • Siicha (Kuijti & Delprete (2019))


  • Kuijti & Delprete (2019)

    Kuijti, J and Delprete, P 2019. A new species of Ombrophytum (Balanophoraceae) from Chile, with notes on subterranean organs and vegetative reproduction in the family. Phytotaxa 420: 264-272