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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Ochagavia elegans Phil.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Ochagavia >
  3. Family: Bromeliaceae

Type citation

“Chile, Juan Fernández, Philippi 941” (Holotype B!; isotypes: F, GH [photo!], W [lost])


Common names

  • ajo dulce, ajo verde, chup6n. (Zizka et al. (2002))

Conservation status

  • Low Risk (Ricci (2006))
  • Vulnerable (Zizka et al. (2009))
  • VU D2


  • Skottsberg (1922a): fig. 5
  • Smith & Downs (1979): fig. 490Zizka et al. (2002): fig. 4


    • Zizka et al. (2002)
    • Smith & Downs (1979)


    Forming extensive, dense colonies

    Key characteristics

    The stamens do not or barely exceed the petals (styles distinctly exceeding)


    Archipiélago de Juan Fernández

    Distribution and habitat

    Juan Fernandez archipelago where it is only found on the Robinson Crusoe Island (Más a Tierra). Rocky, exposed cliffs; 200-600 m above sea level.


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    • Zizka et al. (2002)

      Zizka, G. , Trumpler, K and Zöllner, O 2002. Revision of the genus Ochagavia (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae). Willdenowia 32:331–350