The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Ochagavia elegans Phil.

Type citation

“Chile, Juan Fernández, Philippi 941” (Holotype B!; isotypes: F, GH [photo!], W [lost])


Common names

  • ajo dulce (Zizka et al. (2002))
  • ajo verde


  • Ricci (2006)

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  • Zizka et al. (2002)

    Zizka, G. , Trumpler, K and Zöllner, O 2002. Revision of the genus Ochagavia (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae). Willdenowia 32:331–350


  • Skottsberg (1922a): fig. 5
  • Smith & Downs (1979): fig. 490
  • Zizka et al. (2002): fig. 4


Archipiélago de Juan Fernández

Distribution and habitat

Juan Fernandez archipelago where it is only found on the Robinson Crusoe Island (Más a Tierra). Rocky, exposed cliffs; 200-600 m above sea level.

Conservation status

  • Low Risk (Ricci (2006))
  • Vulnerable (Zizka et al. (2009))
  • VU D2


  • Zizka et al. (2002)
  • Smith & Downs (1979)


Forming extensive, dense colonies

Key characteristics

The stamens do not or barely exceed the petals (styles distinctly exceeding)