The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Nolana reichei M.O.Dillon & Arancio

Place of Publication

Arnaldoa 14(2): 207–211, figs. 12,13,14A–C,E–F. (2007)

Type citation

CHILE. Región IV (Coquimbo). Prov. Limarí, Caleta El Toro, desembocadura de Río Limarí. [30°44.098’LS, 71°41.965’LO], 40 m, 11 Dec 2004, M.O. Dillon & G. Arancio 8690 (holotype: ULS, isotypes: F, SGO).


  • Dillon et al. (2007)

    Dillon, M. O. , Arancio, G. and Leubert, F. 2007. Five new species of Nolana (Solanaceae-Nolaneae) from Chile. Arnaldoa 14(2): 191-212




Temperate Forests and Relict coastal forest

Distribution and habitat

Only known from a single locality at Caleta El Toro and growing with N. crassulifolia, N. rupicola, and N. sedifolia and N. werdermannii.


Succulent, perennial herb with prostrate stems to 50 cm long. Flowering from October to December.

Key characteristics

Similar to N. paradoxa but N. reichei differs in both lobe shape and coloration pattern. Furthermore, the former species has more petiolate leaves with ovate leaf blades and corollas with only a yellow spot in the throat (Dillon et al., 2007)


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.