The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Nolana dianae M.O.Dillon

Place of Publication

Arnaldoa 14(2): 192 (-196, 205; figs. 1-3, 10A-B). (2007)

Type citation

CHILE. Región II (Antofagasta), Prov. Antofagasta, Quebrada above Playa de los Hornos, just N of Punta Hornos, 26 km S of Caleta Michilla, 51 km N of Tropic of Capricorn, 300-350 m, [22°55’S, 70°15’W], 20 Oct 1988, M.O. Dillon & D. Dillon 5725 (holotype, SGO; isotype, F).


  • Dillon et al. (2007)

    Dillon, M. O. , Arancio, G. and Leubert, F. 2007. Five new species of Nolana (Solanaceae-Nolaneae) from Chile. Arnaldoa 14(2): 191-212




Desert and Desert fog oases (Lomas)

Distribution and habitat

Very restricted distribution with only two localities in province Antofagasta. Coastal mountains with very few recorded associated species including Nolana balsamiflua, N. linearifolia and N. peruviana (Dillon et al., 2007).


  • Dillon et al. (2007)


Succulent, spreading annual herb 30–100 cm across. Flowering in October.

Key characteristics

Closely resembles Nolana philippiana by having similar leaves and pubescence. However, N. dianae has flowers which have very distinctive colouration – white with deep purple guides, and by its narrowly funnel-shaped corollas.